Adult Ministries

Board of Spiritual Growth

Sharing Gratitude for God's Gifts

First Lutheran Church is led by congregational leaders that form the Church Council. Members are encouraged to serve on ministry boards. We are always looking for new insight and participants on these boards as the church seeks to love God and love our neighborhood.

Our Mission

With gratitude for God’s gifts we foster and promote opportunities to share our joys, treasures, time, and talents with others through ministry and community building.


Contact: Pastor Jill Bergman,

Living Connected to god and our neighbor



Community Garden

We provide vegetables grown in our community garden to neighbors in need.
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Worship Volunteers

Volunteers regularly enrich our worship by serving as ushers, readers, and Communion assistants.
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Stories from our Neighborhood

Neighbors from various ethnic, cultural and lifestyle backgrounds tell their story and talk about how we can be better neighbors.
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