Living Connected: Re-Ordering Our Lives

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This Week: Re-Ordering Our Lives

The Camino de Santiago (The Way, or Road to Santiago, pictured above) is a series of trails through Spain (and parts of France and Portugal, if you choose). For more than 1,000 years, Christians and others have made a pilgrimage that ends at the city Santiago de Compostela–The Way of St. James. In 2018, over 325,000 people made the trek. It takes 30-35 days, walking 15-17 miles per day, to complete the full Camino. Many who walk all or part of the Camino talk about the emotional, spiritual and physical re-ordering of their lives because of this time apart from their daily routine.

This week, we hear the story of another life-changing trek. Two disciples of Jesus are hurriedly leaving Jerusalem. It is the day we know as Easter, after Jesus’ death on the cross on the Friday before.

“Now on that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus (ee-MAY-us), about seven miles from Jerusalem, and talking with each other about all these things that had happened.” Luke 24:13-14

With the news of Jesus’ death, his followers are scattering. “Will we be next?” they wondered. And now, a new rumor has started: Jesus has been seen alive, risen from the dead!

A stranger appears beside them on the road. He seems completely unaware of the news about Jesus. They tell him the story.

And to their surprise, the stranger explains the death — and resurrection — of Jesus!

Now, they must change their plans, re-order their focus. They must go back to Jerusalem!

What have you learned on a trek, hike or walk? When has your life been re-ordered, changed direction? What has it revealed to you about God’s creation, or about your life, or about a problem you’ve sought to understand more deeply?

These disciples receive understanding, but also a new discovery: that the resurrected Jesus can appear anywhere! They can’t wait to tell the others!

In the peace of the Risen Christ,
Pastor Bonnie Wilcox

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