It's not easy being a teen

Youth Small Groups

Meet Teens Right Where They're At

It's not easy being in middle school or high school. Challenges may come in the form of drama at school, trouble at home, or the challenge of trying to figure out answers to life's big questions.

God loves to meet teens right where they're at, and our team of youth mentors are excited to walk with students through these challenges--and have a lot of fun together too! We spend time together in large groups as well as small groups of girls and guys.

For more information, contact Rachel James, Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries,

living connected to god and our neighbor



High School Ministry

Young adults explore their maturing faith, find ways to participate in broader congregational life, and work to identify God’s call for their lives.
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Young people form supportive small groups, review the core teachings of the Christian faith, serve others, and develop faith practices.
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FLY Youth Group

We want to walk with our young people in their faith development journey.
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